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ICCT Sports Festival 2019 Tryout

If you think you can compete with the upcoming ICCT Sports Festival 2019 then you may visit us somewhere around the planet of ICCT Cainta Campus on August 09, 2019 for a tryout.

Listed below are the persons in-charge for specific sports categories:

  • BASKETBALL— Ms. Jeneva Javier
  • VOLLEYBALL W —Ms. Bustamante
  • VOLLEYBALL M—Mr. Viraya
  • HUMAN CHESS— Mr. Vilog/Ms.Odoy
  • BAD MINTON M W—Mr. Barcinas
  • TABLE TENNIS— Mr. Feola/Mr. Morales
  • TRACK N FIELD M W—Ms. Balais
  • CHEER DANCE— Ms. Orpiana/ Ms.Cada/Mr.Camacho/Ms.Buquid

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