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Office Software Application – a Focus on Productivity

I have taught Office Software Application or SOFAPP last semester at ICCT Colleges. This subject introduces students to a wide variety of possibility with regards to online productivity which one may use during the course of student’s college life or for future job.

SOFAPP is similar to subject Empowerment Technology where it was described as “Information and communication technologies as a tool for curating, contextualizing, collaborating, and creating content and experiences for learning in the professional tracks.”

Each student, whether full-time student or employed, are introduced to various platforms what would enable them to optimize their task.

SOFAPP is divided into six (6) modules as follows:

  1. Introduction to Information and Communication Technology
  2. Advanced Application Techniques for Productivity Tools
  3. Imaging and Design
  4. Platforms as Tools for ICT Content Development
  5. Collaborative Development of ICT Content
  6. Multimedia and ICTs


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